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When we discuss optimal dental health, teeth often take center stage. Keeping your teeth in top condition is undeniably crucial. However, dental health is not just about your teeth—it’s about your gums too.

Your gums play a vital role in overall dental well-being. They secure your teeth firmly in place and shield the underlying bones from harmful bacteria. Ensuring your gums are healthy is of paramount importance.

For valuable insights on preserving happy, healthy gums, continue reading below:

Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily:

To maintain healthy gums, thorough brushing at least twice a day is essential. Ensure you brush before bedtime and once more during the day. For optimal results, use toothpaste containing the recommended fluoride levels:

  • Adults: 1350-1500ppm
  • Children aged 3-6: Over 1000ppm
  • Children under three: At least 1000ppm

Floss or Use Interdental Brushes Daily:

Incorporate flossing or interdental brushes into your daily routine. These tools are instrumental in removing food particles and bacteria from the spaces between your teeth. They also contribute to maintaining a clean gum line.

Be Alert to Early Gum Disease Signs:

Gum disease progresses through three stages, with the initial stage known as gingivitis, which is quite common. Recognizable signs of gingivitis include easily bleeding gums (particularly during brushing) and gums that appear red, swollen, or tender. If you notice any of these symptoms, we strongly recommend seeking advice from your dentist regarding treatment options.”

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